What Customers Say...

"Have given the shirt many work outs and it still looks like new. It works exactly as you say, have ordered two more."
David West
"These fab shirts are what us blokes need, hot or cold we can dance at breakneck speed. Doubt ye not his claim, contact him, they do what it says on the tin."
Mike Hodges
Aylesbury, Bucks
"Despite dancing all night and getting hot and sweaty, the shirt was dry. Bloody witchcraft I reckon.
Truly amazing."
Ken Orford
"Absolutely Brilliant"
Marco Amato
Blandford, Dorset
"Can I have a small white? Already have a black one and it's GREAT."
Simon Ramsden
Poynton, Stockport
"It performs exactly as you describe. Have ordered two more."​
Graham Topping
Forfor, Scotland
"Bought a shirt from your web site having heard about them in the UK. The delivery was very prompt and I have already used it in our near 40 degree Australian heat and humidity, I am pleasantly surprised that it does perform exactly as you describe. "
Quito Washington
Northern Territories, Australia