General Sports

Whether it’s our traditional, stylish cut Polo, or the new ‘Grandad Collar’ style with its emphasis focused on appealing to the younger, fashion conscious man, these shirts compare well in terms of performance and durability at a price which is extremely competitive.

Since the launch of the product, many different applications have been recorded by customers with very positive feed back on the performance of the material and numerous testimonials of support.

The shirts are used in a wide range of activities, such as mountain biking, walking, tennis, golf, fishing, to name but a few.

The product is a careful development of our tried and tested material representing a lifetimes experience in competitive sports at the very highest level.
The shirts have been carefully designed so that they bridge the gap between a sports garment and one which is suitable to wear when a smart, professional look is required.

Team uniform applications can benefit from the ability to add graphics etc to individual requirements, providing an extremely smart corporate look.
The range of applications is vast.

The quick drying material is suited to wearing whenever you experience sudden changes in body temperature.



A shirt which is smart enough to be acceptable in the Golf Club and yet considerably more cost effective than other brands of an equal quality.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Whatever your chosen sport, if you get hot, these shirts will deliver on the promise of keeping you cool for longer. The fabric is specifically designed to move moisture away from your skin.