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One of the biggest selling applications for the shirts has been the extensive use in travel and foreign holidays. The comfort and convenience achieved when travelling in hot climates has led to remarkable tributes being posted from all parts of the world.

The lightweight material takes up so little space and precious baggage allowance that a murphys-shirt is now an essential travel companion. Wearing one of these shirts for long haul travel is one of the surest ways of feeling the true benefit.

Very comfortable and versatile, the “no ironing” and “quick drying” qualities come into play.

The shirts are comfortable to wear on any occasion when a smart appearance is necessary, such as dining out or at an important meeting.

Surprisingly, they work well as a “wicking layer” when used for Walking/Trekking/Skiing.

A truly versatile product.

 The owner of the Undercliff Winery in Hunter Valley, Australia says
" I purchased two shirts from your web site while in the UK recently and I am most impressed with the quality and performance. I wore a shirt on the twenty three hour flight back to Oz and still felt comfortable on arrival back in Sydney. Thanks for a great product, will be ordering more soon."

David West of Barnsley says
"I travel a lot and my 'Murphys-Shirts' have travelled with me as essentials over the last two years to places such as the Far East and Indonesia. Just returned from Israel and will soon be off to India for three months where I know the shirts come into their own. I can highly recommend anyone to buy your shirts, they are so light to pack and hand wash well, never losing their shape or colour. They dry overnight and are ready for the next day, a really good product at a very reasonable price. Thank you."

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